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Welcome to the MCSkinHistory Help Section. This is an open-source knowledge base with a wide range of information all about MCSkinHistory, an automatic database for Minecraft players, servers, skins, capes and more.

This help section is open-source, meaning anybody can contribute. You can suggest improvements, report issues or write articles at the GitHub repository.

Getting Started

Start off on the right foot and learn what MCSkinHistory is all about.

Suggested: About MCSkinHistory Registration

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Suggested: Data Removal

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Suggested: Text Formatting User Roles

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Suggested: Claiming a Server Page

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Skins & Capes

Suggested: Applying OptiFine capes

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Perks & Subscriptions

Suggested: About MCSkinHistory PRO Vanity URL

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Trust & Safety

Suggested: Player Wellness

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Suggested: History Special Thanks

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If you have any other questions, contact [email protected] or join the MCSkinHistory Discord Server.