About MCSkinHistory

MCSkinHistory is an automatic database for Minecraft players, servers, skins and capes. On MCSkinHistory you can find one of the biggest selections of Minecraft-related data and information, browse for skins and discover new servers.

MCSkinHistory started in 2016 as a way for Minecraft players to have a reliable way to restore their old Minecraft skins after having lost the files. Since then MCSkinHistory has extended its content branched out to capes and servers to become a central hub for Minecraft-related communities and content.

Why is my account registered on this website?

MCSkinHistory was created to be an automatic database for Minecraft-related data. If your Minecraft account is part of MCSkinHistory's database, it may have been previously looked up on the site, or was discovered by MCSkinHistory's web crawler on Minecraft-related websites.

How does MCSkinHistory detect changes on skins, capes and servers?

MCSkinHistory constantly crawls through it's giant database of Minecraft players and compares their skins to the registered skins in the database. New skins and capes are automatically saved in the database and made available for download.