History of MCSkinHistory

Records of MCSkinHistory's product history, since its conceptualization back in 2015.


  • November - MCSkinHistory's server list receives a major update with Voting Rewards, Sponsored Listings and claiming server pages. MCSkinHistory's new Help Section goes live.
  • September - MCSkinHistory receives a major and modern redesign. MCSkinHistory PRO's pricing is revamped and Vanity URLs are launched.


  • July - Localization of MCSkinHistory is moved to Crowdlate.


  • October - MCSkinHistory PRO is launched.


  • December - MCSkinHistory starts tracking information about Minecraft: Java Edition servers.
  • November - A LabyMod addon for connectivity with MCSkinHistory is launched. MCSkinHistory's Discord server goes live.
  • May - MCSkinHistory receives its second major redesign and updated codebase. MCSkinHistory integrates with Gigadrive accounts instead of its own proprietary account system.
  • April - MCSkinHistory starts supporting reverse name history lookups.


  • November - Comments on player profiles and skin pages are added.
  • October - MCSkinHistory starts accepting user registrations for data management.
  • February - MCSkinHistory receives its first major redesign and updated codebase. The new design supports dark mode.
  • January - MCSkinHistory starts tracking LabyMod capes. MCSkinHistory's Twitter account is created. Donations are now accepted for supporting MCSkinHistory.


  • May - MCSkinHistory starts tracking OptiFine capes.
  • April - The first version of MCSkinHistory goes live. This first version supports player lookups with profiles and automatic saving of player skins and UUIDs. Shortly after, MCSkinHistory starts tracking Mojang capes.


  • November - MCSkinHistory is conceptualized and the domain name www.mcskinhistory.com is registered.