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About MCSkinHistory PRO

MCSkinHistory PRO is a membership subscription service for MCSkinHistory users. MCSkinHistory PRO was conceived in 2019 as a subscription service to offer new perks for users on the MCSkinHistory website. Over the years, new perks have been added to the service. The current price for the MCSkinHistory PRO membership is 20,00 € per year.


MCSkinHistory PRO offers multiple perks for members. Click here to read more about the service.

  • No Banner Ads

    PRO members will no longer see any banner ads across the entire MCSkinHistory website.

  • "About Me" section

    PRO members can add a custom "About Me" section with Markdown format to their profile.

  • Custom Profile Background Image

    PRO members can upload a custom image to use as the background on their profiles.

  • Custom Vanity URL

    PRO members can create a custom Vanity URL (short-link) to their profile. Example:

  • Special name color

    PRO members will appear with a special golden name color in user lists.

  • Faster download speed

    PRO members will no longer have to wait before downloading a skin or cape from MCSkinHistory.

  • Special Discord role

    PRO members will receive a special role on the official MCSkinHistory Discord server.

  • Prioritized customer service

    PRO members will be prioritized in customer service when contacting [email protected].


If you have any questions about MCSkinHistory PRO or a purchase, contact [email protected].