Vanity URL

This article is about a feature only available to MCSkinHistory PRO members.

MCSkinHistory PRO members get access to a feature called the Vanity URL. The Vanity URL is a unique shortlink that can be used across the web to easily link your custom Minecraft profile on

The Vanity URL is separately available for all linked Minecraft accounts on a PRO MCSkinHistory account. This means that if you have two Minecraft accounts linked, you can have two Vanity URLs.

How to change your Vanity URL

  1. Log in with your MCSkinHistory account.
  2. Click your avatar in the top right corner of the website.
  3. Click on the "Edit Profile" option.
  4. On this page you can choose your Vanity URL:

    Editing Vanity URL

  5. Click on "Save changes".
  6. You have now claimed your new Vanity URL. Please note that it might take a few minutes for the changes to take into effect.

    Vanity URL Example

  7. The Vanity URL will also be shown on your public profile.

    Vanity URL Example