What is this site?
This site is an unofficial database for premium Minecraft users. Once a user has been added, their skin is being stored on our servers as well as any skin the user will have in the future. This allows users to recover their old skins if they have been lost etc.

Why are some of my skins missing?
We started collecting data on April 25th 2016. Any skins that you might have been using before this date will not show up on this website as Mojang offers no way to recover these skins yourself. Plus, your skins will only be stored if you are in our database. If you are unsure whether you are, just search your name in the bar on the top of this site. Once your profile is loading, you are in our database.

Why is my user here?
A players skin is added to the site when someone searches the name of a premium minecraft account or our crawling bot discovers your name on minecraft-related websites.

Can you add my user?
Feel free to add your own account by searching your minecraft username. However, it may be already added by someone you know.

Can my user be removed?
No user will ever be removed from MCSkinHistory.com

Can my skin be downloaded?
Yes. Anybody that visits your profile will be able to download your skin.

How do you detect skin changes?
Our bot keeps checking players throughout our database. Once it finds a user who's skin is different, it stores the new skin on our servers.

Can I donate?
Of course! Thank you for your interest in supporting MCSkinHistory. Click here for more information.